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Let Us Help You Find The Right Tools For The Job

People often ask us “which fireplace toolset/screen is really right for my fireplace?” Our suggestion is like in anything, make sure you have the right tools for the job at hand. 

For wood burning you need to make sure you have a screen that fully covers the fireplace opening. Dangerous embers can pop out if you have a gap around the opening. Spark guards and flat panel screens are best to keep these sparks contained.

Next, you need tools that can perform in a high-heat environment. We partner with two great manufacturers to create our custom fire tools. Stone Manufacturing uses beautiful cast brass with plated finishes. A high temperature lacquer seals the finish and ensures generations of worry-free use. Stoll Industries uses an extremely durable, baked on powder coat for their finishes. Their tools and screen will withstand years of regular use.

Both of the companies permanently attach the components in their toolsets. With lower price point toolsets, you may have to attach the handles and other components by screwing them together. While these are certainly easier on the wallet, and are perfect for decorative use next to a gas fireplace where they aren’t really used, we feel these are not the best investment for the rigors of a wood burning fireplace.


One of the main trends in fireplaces are direct-vent fireplaces. With their glass fronts, and high efficiency, these make for a very attractive option. While is not necessary for operation, we often like to place a free-standing screen in front of the glass. This screen masks almost all of the reflection, and slightly obscures the flame – making it almost impossible to tell if the fireplace is wood-burning or not. In these applications, screens that are more decorative (that might not be suited for wood burning use) are idea, since they aren’t needed to contain ash or embers.

A log basket or holder finishes off the look. We love the natural feel of woven willow or seagrass baskets. We also have a wide range of “work horse” wood holders, like our woven iron basket. Its durable black finish, and sturdy wire construction will stand up to the heaviest load of wood.

Whatever you burn, and whatever your style, you can trust our experts here at Bromwell’s to help you make the right choices. Stop by soon and speak with one of our fireplace specialists to make sure you are using the right tools for your job.


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